Lectures in the United Kingdom

Partner Organisations and Forthcoming Lectures for 2009  in the UK.


At its best, clinical medicine brings together (1) solid scientific principles and (2) human qualities:- of care, responsiveness, creative problem-solving and adaptability of approach. There is nothing straightforward about the scientific evidence-base for modern medicine and the human side of medical practice is also difficult for teaching clinicians to convey.

Experience in clinical medicine also brings humility, as every physician inevitably comes face to face with the strengths and limitations of current medical knowledge. The shortcomings of a purely knowledge-based approach to health, is starkly obvious in the face of many chronic or relapsing illnesses.



It is not generally acknowledged, however, that the unique context in which each patient's illness emerges, often holds the key to cure. Health Care Professionals can be introduced to refined interview techniques, pattern recognition (over and beyond diagnosis) and methods of creative data matching, which yield completely new approaches to treatment. This can make the difference between guiding the patient onto a  pathway of cure, or condemning them to years of 'disease management'.

With reference to hundreds of case histories, from patients treated successfully over the past twenty years, Dr Malcolm lectures internationally on context-based treatment methods.


Please click here for details of the forthcoming seminars and teaching events. The main partner organisations in the UK are as follows: UCLH, RLHH, BHA, Faculties, CIMT, Medical Schools, Regional Study Groups.