Systems & Symbiosis

A Clinical Seminar


Integrative Approaches to Bowel Dysbiosis






This seminar was developed following ten years of meticulous clinical research and practice. Systems & Symbiosis has been delivered in eight European countries, Russia and the United States, to widespread acclaim (see testimonials for Systems and Symbiosis).

This two day course is aimed at clinicians who wish to understand the aetiologies and systemic features of bowel dysbiosis and develop effective strategies for the treatment of the condition and its clinical syndromes.

Bowel dysbiosis is associated with a wide range of chronic systemic symptoms. It is therefore often misdiagnosed, and can persist untreated for long periods, causing debilitating fatigue or gradually giving rise to more serious organic illness.

There is a considerable body of evidence to support the role of dysbiosis in a wide range of illnesses, including fatigue states, food intolerances, chronic or relapsing infection, allergies and hypersensitivity states, IBS, leaky gut syndrome, migraine, inflammatory skin conditions and others.

Over the course of the two day program, participants are shown many clinical cases which illustrate the different presentations for bowel dysbiosis. Each case is then followed through a rational and individualised treatment process, and the outcomes discussed.



The Syllabus:

Video Introduction and  Overview of the Course

(extract from Systems and Symbiosis, New York, November 2008)








Historical Background

Microbiological concepts

What can be learned from the early clinical work
Evolution of the healthy gut flora
Microbiology of the GI tract
Isolating and typing
The Bowel Nosodes
Clinical Features of Bowel Dysbiosis
Therapeutics and treatment indications
Treatment selection based on the clinical features
Timing and repetition of treatments
Integrating treatment models
Clinical references and decision support tools




The Seminar is supported by an extensive core text, which can be purchased separately in book form in English, Czech, Russian, or Romanian.


The clinical repertory (decision support text) is supplied to course participants and can also be purchased on line.  Journal Publications on Bowel Dysbiosis are available for download in German and English.

An audiovisual version of the course is under preparation for publication on DVD.

Reviews of US Seminar - New York 2008

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