Resonances Part 1  - A Seminar in Integrative Medicine

Clinical Studies in Etiology and Illness Evolution




Resonances II: Word, Voiced & Mind in Medicine

- next presented Sept 16 -18, Washington DC

Resonances 1 is an advanced two-day seminar in Homeotherapeutics. It centres around the relevance of narrative, both to our understanding of  illness etiology, and also as a tool to track the factors that compound illness, or prevent self-healing (blocks to cure). A sound theoretical knowledge of 'blocks to cure' is vital for all forms of treatment which are facilitatory in nature.

This course has been successfully delivered in three European countries and the training resource packs are available in English and Russian.



Aims of the Course:

To Introduce Participants  to a range of disease models.

To discuss the Epistemology of Medicine

      and appreciate the importance of empiricism in the progression of skills and knowledge.

To increase awareness of etiology as it is represented in the patient's narrative

To demonstrate the relevance of etiology  to effective treatment.

To elucidate multiple etiological factors and their entanglement in chronic illness.

To illustrate etiological treatment strategies using a variety of clinical case studies.

The next scheduled date for Resonances I is November 2011 at the Centre for Integrative Medical Training, Glasgow. Accreditation has been applied for. The cost of the Seminar is 300 pounds. (an early-bird price of 250 pounds is available to those registering before July 15th, 2011) Group reductions of up to 30% are available on application.


See also:

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