Gallery of Scottish Wild Fungi

photographs by Russell Malcolm

 CloseUp Underside Forest Fungus bottom view  


Scotland is home to a wide range of fungi. Various soils and terrains favour different fungal species. Coniferous, mixed and deciduous woodland also provide optimal conditions for different genera. Some fungi show affinities for specific tree species. The presence or absence of animal manures, in both upland and lowland pasture also has a bearing on which fungi predominate there.

The picture gallery below shows a small selection of the commonest fungal species we have encountered here in recent years.

Although we have taken pains to identify these specimens as accurately as we can, this gallery should not be used as a sole guide to identification, since many of pictures shown here do not reveal the gill structure; the presence of a volva, ring, or other structures important to their classifications.


Agaricus muscaria

Fly Agaric


The gills are white and free.

The stem is white with a ring.


It tends to grow with birch.n


Fly agaric

Amanita fulva

Tawny grizette


One of the harmless

Amanitas. Edible.

Grows in woodland

 Amanita fulva

Amanita phalloides

Death Cap


The gills are white, free,

the stem tallish white.

The stem base is characterised

by a marked volva.


Deadly poisonous

 Death cap

Cantharellus cibarius



Bright light-yellow fungus

which tends to become funnel shaped

after starting rounded (shown).

Short stem with branching

corrugations in the

sporulating surface.


Can be found in all types of woodland

 Chantarelle (immature)

Coprinus comatus

Shaggy Cap



The cap starts white and becomes brown.

At an intermediate stage

fine scales turn outwards (shown).

The gills become black

and disintegrate distally so that spores

can be distributed by rain.

The fungus grows on buried wood debris.

 Shaggy cap
   Coriolus versicolor
   Crepidotus mollis
   Mycena haematopus
   Panaeolus semiovatus
   Piptoporus betulinus
   Polyporus squamosus
   Russula luteolacta
   Russula mairei
   Scelroderma citrinum
   Suillus bovinus
   Suillus luteus