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Technique and Voice Production


The Tutor


Following graduation in music subjects (BA) in 1987, I studied voice production.

The intervening decades have brought considerable performing experience, both in recital and in substantial solo roles.

Russell Malcolm

 Russell Malcolm


My lessons concentrate primarily on techniques that, over time, allow your natural and individual voice to blossom.

Depending on your background and experience, achieving your potential may require you to 'unlearn' certain mannered or forced vocal habits.

Through a natural process of awareness, feedback, guidance and demonstration, you will experience optimal vocal wellbeing, sustainable performance and enhanced expressive authenticity.

Lessons are scheduled for 40-60 minutes per session, depending on the experience of the singer.

Contact: Russell on 01383 410163, or email: or visit

Existing singers with voice problems, should also note 'Holistic Care of The Performing Voice'. This is usually provided as a structured course for those involved in voice training. However, a practical one-to-one programme for the troubled performer is also available, on application.


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