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Systems & Symbiosis - Part 1


Part 1 of an acclaimed international seminar on the Bowel Nosodes of Bach & Paterson, by Dr Russell Malcolm. This section of Systems and Symbiosis provides an Introduction to the subject followed by a Historical Account of the discovery and development of these medicines. Taken together, the four parts of this seminar provide treatment strategies for a range of chronic illnesses that arise as a result of bowel dysbiosis. The text is also available in Russian, Czech and Romanian (see CIMT page on this site). Systems and Symbiosis has been taught in London, New York, Utrecht, Lisbon, Moscow, Lower Saxony, Birmingham, Glasgow, Prague and Bucharest and reviews can be found at Testimonials for Systems & Symbiosis.


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Systems & Symbiosis - Part 2


Part 2 of Systems & Symbiosis contains information on the biological nature of the nosodes and their source. This section contains an overview of the micro-ecology of the bowel and discusses the challenge of identifying the taxonomy of the original cultures from which the nosodes were developed.


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Systems & Symbiosis - Part 3


Part 3 of Systems and Symbiosis comprises a Materia Medica of the bowel nosodes. The indicating features for these medicines has been collated from clinical information, relating to successfully treated cases.
Using data from reported cases in the literature, and his own case workload, Dr Malcolm has summarised the key prescribing features of each nosode. This section contains hitherto unpublished indications for these materials, particularly in respect of the lesser known remedies.


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Systems & Symbiosis - Part 4


Part 4 of Systems & Symbiosis is a therapeutic guide. The main clinical features of bowel dysbiosis are provided and the keynote indications for treatment with the Bowel Nosodes are given. This is followed by detailed guidelines on the timing and dosage frequency, with a discussion of the observations of John Paterson, who pioneered their use. A section on the remedy relationships between the nosodes and the classical materia medica is provided. The book is rounded off with a short article on mind states associated with the nosodes, notes on the repertory and an extensive list of references.  


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Repertory of the Bowel Nosodes: v1.x (new version available Nov 12)


A Repertory of the Bowel Nosodes by Dr Russell Malcolm. Compiled from 10 years of clinical experience with successful cases, together with data from the published literature. The rubrics have been structured in accordance with modern repertory conventions. The reference section is prefaced with a guide to using the repertory. Supplied as a pdf , with section tabs to help the user orientate themselves. There is a short index indication the data sources and a printable analysis grid in the appendices. Please note that a new and substantially updated version of the Repertory with fully weighted rubrics and remedy relationships will be available shortly. The anticipated date for pdf publication will be November 2012.


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