Our registered patients can download information leaflets from this page. Many items remain to be uploaded here. Please contact us if the resource you are looking for is not listed. If have been directed to a specific reference during a recent consultation, simply scroll down, using the numbers in the left hand column as a guide.

http://www.artscience.me.uk/studentfocus.pdfSection A

Info file 1
  download file 1
Info file 2
Guidelines on the use of homeopathic medicines
download file 2
Info file 3
Instructions for use of LM potencies
download file 3
Info file 4
Plussing technique - patient information
download file 4
Info file 5
  download file 5

Section B

 Info file 6
 Wheat-free diet: basic information
 download file 6
 Info file 7
 Source information for Carctol diet
 download file 7
 Info file 8
 Diet and Eczema (Eczema society information)
 download file 8
 Info file 9
 Printable meal plan for weight reduction diet
 download file 9
 Info file 10
   download file 10

Section C

 Info file 11
 House dust allergy / avoidance information
 download file 11
 Info file 12
   download file 12
 Info file 13
   download file 13
 Info file 14
   download file 14
 Info file 15

 download file 15

Section D

 Info file 16
 Autism (Dr Anton van Rhijn)
 download file 16
 Info file 17
 ADHD (Dr Anton van Rhijn)
 Info file 19
 Juice Plus - nutritional programme
 download file 19
 Info file 20
 Salvestrol - basic information
 download file 20