Polarity Analysis is a major new development in Homeopathic Medicine and we are one of the first UK practices to impliment the new system. Research in Germany and Switzerland has shown that doctors who use this method of case analysis achieve better responses to treatment and a higher rate of successful prescriptions. This page is under development and, as we develop them, a range of downloadable forms will be found below. Registered patients should use these to report their symptoms. All the data is strictly confidential and will be analysed by specialised software. The analysis results will be will assist your doctor to select an effective treatment at the time of your consultation. Please bring the questionnaire with you to the clinic, or send it by mail beforehand.

Please be use to provide details of your CURRENT symptoms and problems.




 Q1  Questionnaire No 1 (whole picture - general symptoms)
 download Q1

Food survey (Food aggravations, intolerances, cravings / aversions)
download Q3

Q4 Stomach, Abdomen, Bowel (IBS, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Inflammatory bowel conditions, Piles, Abdominal pain etc)
download Q4

Q5 ENT, Upper Respiratory and Cough

 download Q5





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