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A summary of clinical services, including allergy testing and treatment.

Many people who have recurrent skin or respiratory symptoms seek advice on allergies. Some sufferers have had no previous diagnosis or treatment. Others have previously visited various specialists and consultants, but continue to be troubled with symptoms.

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     Before we are able to discuss treatment it is necessary to establish:


  • Whether the patient has an allergy in which they produce antibodies to an allergen, or whether they are experiencing another kind of sensitivity or intolerance.


  • Whether there are factors, other than allergen exposure, which also have a bearing on the symptoms they experience.


  • Whether the allergy relates to a single dominant allergen, or whether the patient is sensitive to an array of allergens. 

A detailed appraisal of the signs and symptoms are important. In hayfever sufferers, the seasonal pattern can often be correlated to the pollination and sporulation times of several main allergenic species.

Allergy testing can then be carried out, either by means of a blood sample, or by using prick-skin allergy testing. Prick skin allergy testing is painless and can yield useful diagnostic information within ten minutes. Prick skin allergy testing 

A detailed dietary history and medical history is also required when food allergies are suspected. It is important to distinguish between genuine allergy to foodstuffs and a spectrum of other sensitivities and food intolerances. Food diaries, RAST tests, Skin testing, Immunoglobulin assays and exclusion diets can all be helpful in our understanding of the problem.

Treatment: Lifestyle changes and avoidance is important for some allergy sufferers. For others Isopathic treatment has been shown to be effective. It is also important to identify patients with non-allergic sensitivities (eg lactose intolerance) and provide expert dietary advice. A significant number of patients with allergies also have coexistant Bowel Dysbiosis. Treatment with Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes can be highly effective and is usually provided together with other individualised prescribing.



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